Parenting Toddlers Class (Virtual)

Toddlers are amongst the world’s most adorable creatures and they are also extremely confusing. They have big emotions and a desire to do everything themselves before they’re actually capable (in a timely manner). It’s such a fun age, yet a challenging one without the right tools and understanding of how their little brains work. It’s just like ours except without logic and reasoning. Those lovely tantrums and meltdowns will shake you to your core and make you wonder how you will ever get through this phase.

Well, you won’t need to wonder anymore with our classes. This 8-week class series meets once per week and includes an incredible amount of education and so many tools to help you connect with your child so you can continue to build the joyful and trusting relationship you always hoped for. And for some of you, you just want to know how to make the tantrums stop and have a more agreeable and flexible child so you can have a happier home. This class will help you with that and so much more. This class series is led by the incredible Hayley Goldberg, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. It is centered around using positive tools and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s behavior.

We encourage you to attend this series together with your partner. Finding the care for your children for this 8-week finite amount of time will have an incredible lasting impact on your family. We know it may seem impossible to get out together once a week, but remember this is a short time commitment you are making for the betterment of your future as parents. If you aren’t able to attend together, one parent attending is better than none at all. Some of our couples have one parent in the evening series and one in the morning series to make sure each partner is receiving the information. It makes for wonderful conversation and a deeper connection between you and your partner and helps to bring up the stuff you may not have known about the other’s goals and values.

You Will Learn

  • Practical and effective parenting tools
  • Effective discipline and positive parenting solutions to combat challenging behaviors
  • How to encourage the development of essential social skills (relationship skills) needed for success in life
  • How to build emotional regulation skills for yourself and your child to help them better understand their feelings and manage their emotions
  • How to communicate and work through differences with your partner so you can parent on the same team
  • How to practice unconditional love, how to connect, have more FUN and create a mutually respectful relationship with your child
  • Information about quality preschool programs and the essential skills needed for kindergarten readiness (when the time comes)

Class Series Topics

  • Technology and other challenges facing parents today
  • Temperament
  • Parenting Styles
  • Emotion Coaching Parenting
  • Discipline
  • Child Development
  • Parenting on the same team
  • Play and Social Skills
  • Language and Communication
  • Preschool facts …. And more

The Details

    • Classes are geared toward parents with children 12 months –  5 years old
    • Small class size (max 14 parents in each class)
    • 8-week class series
    • Classes held virtually, once per week for 90 minutes
    • $395 (one or both parents may attend virtually)