The New Mom School Playgroups

(7 months – 3 years)

The fun continues! Imagine having a place where you could come each week to socialize with other moms and have all of your questions answered by a trained professional? Imagine not having to spend so many hours on Google and in Facebook groups trying to find the right answers? Imagine all that time you worry and wonder about stuff being dedicated to spending quality time with your babies and toddlers instead? Imagine having more fun, fewer power struggles, and more knowledge?

Well, we’ve created this haven just for YOU!  

A more casual, informal version of our infant classes, our playgroups are a way to stay connected to our community and have a fun, safe place to come each week to continue your learning as a mom while your child has the chance to socialize and play! The best part? They can get messy and you don’t have to clean it up!  

Structured by age group, each week allows your child to explore and grow through play with others close in age and you get to meet and socialize with other moms in the same phase of motherhood. 

Each group will be led by an experienced specialist who will be there to answer questions about anything and everything!

Things like:

  • Play-based Learning
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Challenging Behavior
  • Learning to Play Together
  • Sharing
  • Positive Discipline
  • Socialization
  • Preschool
  • Developing Skills
  • and more! 

Your leader will help guide you and your children as they grow from infants to toddlers.

Playgroups are held in our BRAND NEW learning playroom where we will introduce them to various sensory experiences, activities, toys, books, and more!

We will provide all of the supplies, you just show up for the fun! There will probably be some guest speakers dropping in from time to time as well. 

The Details

  • Monthly tuition: $125.
  • Meet once per week for one hour (no class on national holidays).
  • Groups run on an ongoing monthly subscription.
  • Each group is limited to 10 participants.
  • Tuition payments are charged on the first day of the month (prorated tuition charged when joining mid-month).
  • 30-day written cancellation notice required submitted to hello@newmomschool.com.
  • We are unable to offer make up classes for playgroups
  • You may join at any time, space permitting.
  • If your baby’s age group is full, please register for the waitlist.
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