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Our life-changing classes equip you with everything you need to know as a new mom. Each session is organized by your baby’s birth month so that all moms are experiencing the same phase in motherhood. Our team of experts is comprised of the very best in the community who visit your class throughout the series bringing the most current, research-based information to help support you through your journey as a new mom. Each week you will learn so much more than you ever expected or thought you needed to know, all while making lifelong friends, strengthening the bond with your baby and of course laughing and crying! Let’s just be honest, there’s a lot of crying after a new baby.

Our classes are a judgment-free zone where the mommy wars are left at the door and moms support and empower one another regardless of their parenting style. Whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, breastfeed or formula feed, co-sleep or work full time, your class will become your lifeline.

Nothing can fully prepare you for being a new mom, but having the tools and techniques and a village to accompany you along the way, will make a world of difference. Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual, so we created one.

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    We offer classes from the newborn phase right through to parenting toddlers. Find the class that’s right for you.

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    Journey alongside other moms in the same phase of motherhood, while learning from the highest-quality professionals.

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  • The New Mom School was the 4th trimester support I didn’t know I needed. Alex and The New Mom School taught me so many valuable skills and validated my fears and anxieties about being a new mom while giving me the tools to overcome them. This once-in-a-lifetime experience allowed me to bond with my newborn son while finding a support group of moms that were in the exact same place.

    - Elyse Smith

    The New Mom School Alum
  • The New Mom School was just what I needed to ease my postpartum anxiety — a room full of moms going through this phase just like me. It was life changing. We made so many new friends from this group, but most of all I gained the confidence to be the mom I was meant to be.

    - Ambre Williams

    The New Mom School Alum
  • Not only did New Mom School teach me tools that I could use in the early day of motherhood, but I gained confidence as a new mom and lifelong friendships with the moms in my class. We still text daily, almost 4 years—and multiple kids—later! I cannot say enough good things about New Mom School.

    - Andria Maes

    The New Mom School Alum
  • As a brand new mom, it was so wonderful to have a place I could go and connect with moms whose babies were born the same month and in a similar phase of development as mine. We shared our challenges, experiences and successes together each week, from sleep to breastfeeding to tummy time to family dynamics — we covered it all and supported each other through such a life-changing chapter in life.

    - Mindy Himmel

    The New Mom School Alum
  • I had no idea how much I needed The New Mom School until I walked in on the first day. The classes quickly became my favorite part of each week. There was so much to learn in each class from the instructor, guest speakers, and listening to other mamas. I no longer felt alone and I felt a deep connection with the other moms. These classes have changed the trajectory of my life in such a positive way. I cannot thank Alex and The New Mom School enough.

    - Sara Farsani

    The New Mom School Alum
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    Newborn Class

    Our 10-week, OB-recommended Newborn Class is designed to provide answers to all the questions that you encounter in the first 3 months of motherhood—even the questions you never knew you’d have! We encourage you to use your due date to register while pregnant so we can secure your space in class for once baby arrives.

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    Infant Class

    An 8-week class for moms and babies 3-6 months old covering an array of topics developmentally appropriate for this age range. Moms are encouraged to register for this class as a continuation of their newborn class or on its own if you weren’t able to attend the newborn class.

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    BABIES 6 - 18 MONTHS


    The fun continues, Playgroups style! Come join us each week in our new learning playroom where all the magic happens! A more casual, informal version of our infant classes, our playgroups are a place to learn and grow– for both babies and parents!

    Structured by age group, each week allows your child to explore and grow through play with others close in age. The best part: while your babies and toddlers are exploring and discovering the classroom with their peers, you get to meet and socialize with other moms in the same phase of motherhood! Great for babies; Great for mamas!

    Each week, sit back, relax and watch your littles deep dive into play with purposeful, developmentally appropriate activities while your experienced instructor leads discussion and learning about curriculum topics. Your leader will help guide you and your children as they grow from infants to toddlers. All of our topics are based on all your most pressing baby and toddler questions!

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    Parenting Toddlers Class

    This 8-week class series meets once per week and includes an incredible amount of education and so many tools to help you connect with your child so you can continue to build the joyful and trusting relationship you always hoped for. And for some of you, you just want to know how to make the tantrums stop and have a more agreeable and flexible child so you can have a happier home.

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    Second Time Moms Class

    The birth of your second child isn’t quite like the birth of your first. You have so much more confidence in the newborn phase yet it doesn’t come without its challenges.

    Our Second Time Moms class covers an array of topics to help support you, your older child, and your new baby through the transition. Come learn, laugh, and connect with other moms who are sharing the same experience. This class is just for mom and the new baby!

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    Breastfeeding Support Group

    Join other breastfeeding moms to have all of your questions answered and challenges addressed. We can’t wait to help you and your little one on your breastfeeding journey!

    Our weekly, complimentary Breastfeeding Support Group is led by Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Shelly Jacobs.