Newborn Mommy & Me

A new-mom experience like nothing else!! Our 10-week class series is organized by your baby’s birth month so that all moms in the class are experiencing the same phase in motherhood. Your babies will be born between approximately 2 and 4 weeks of each other.

After your baby is born, your life changes overnight. You are sleep deprived, overwhelmed, emotional, excited, worried if what your baby is doing is normal and feel a vast array of other emotions and have an endless amount of questions.
Nothing can really prepare you for having a newborn, but having the education from highly sought-after professionals and support from other moms going through exactly what you are will save your life, save your sanity and give you the confidence and knowledge you need to be the BEST mom that you and your baby deserve. Each week you will learn so much more than you ever expected or thought you needed to know.

Our Newborn Mommy and Me class is organized by your baby’s birth month and will become your lifeline as you tackle the exciting, yet overwhelming (and very sleep-deprived) journey of being a new mom.

Class Series Topics

  • The Transition into Motherhood
  • Sleep Science and Creating Healthy Habits
  • Soothing Your Fussy Baby
  • Attachment and Bonding
  • Relationship Changes and How to Navigate Parenthood
  • Infant Massage
  • Postpartum Health and Pelvic Floor
  • Tummy Time and Baby’s Physical Development
  • Working vs. Staying Home
  • Reducing Anxiety with Breathing and Yoga

The Details

  • Classes organized by baby’s birth month
  • Moms begin classes when babies are approximately 3 – 6 weeks old
  • Small class size (max 14 moms in each class)
  • 10-week class series
  • $550 for 10-week session*
  • *Early-bird registration fee while pregnant is $500 PRE-REGISTER HERE
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