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NMS Moms & Mentors Code of Conduct

We want the NMS Moms & Mentors initiative to be a positive and supportive experience for all our moms. In order for the program to be a success, for moms to develop lasting and meaningful relationships and for everyone to feel supported the following code of conduct must be adhered to.  

Alway be kind and respectful in your interactions. As a mentor you are there to support your mentee, as a mentee your mentor is giving their time and experience to try and help and support you. The relationship will only work if there is mutual respect.

Be open and honest. Being a mom isn’t always easy, being a new mom is never always easy, only by being real about our struggles and disappointments can we really learn and help support others.

Mom shaming will not be tolerated. The mentor/mentee relationship is supposed to be one of support, encouragement and positivity. Please keep all conversations respectful and supportive. If you disagree on a topic or parenting philosophy agree to disagree and move on.

Personal information shared in the course of the mentoring process is to be treated as confidential. Do not share, spread or gossip about information you have exchanged that is of a personal, medical or sensitive nature.

You may not use your mentor/mentee relationship as a tool to sell, spam or recruit others.

Mentors agree to check in with their mentees, at least once a week, for an 8 week minimum. After the 8 weeks either mom can choose to end the relationship.

If a mentor’s situation changes and they are no longer able to commit to the minimum time commitments they should let both NMS and their mentee know. NMS will then do their best to find the mentee a new mentor if they wish.

NMS reserves the right to remove anyone from Moms & Mentors for any rule violation or disrespectful or negative behavior at any time.

By signing up for Moms & Mentors you are agreeing to adhere to the code of conduct as set out above.