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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your classes all about?

    The New Mom School is a program unlike any other. Our 10-week class series are organized by your baby’s birth month so that all moms are experiencing the same phase in motherhood. We are the ONLY program in Orange County that offers this! Typically, classes include babies born within one birth month.
    Classes are designed to help support you through your exciting (and sleep deprived!) journey as a new mom. Our classes are fun, educational and full of information that will help ease your mind and make this very overwhelming, yet special time, a more joyful experience.
    Our classes include research-based information with carefully selected topics that are relevant to your baby’s age, all with an underlying theme of nurturing the positive healthy bond between moms and their new babies. In our classes, the mommy wars are left at the door and the classes are led without any judgment. Classes are full of laughter, support, tears, education and so much more! Our classes are meant to encourage and empower moms, instead of tear each other down.
    Classes also incorporate visits from leading experts in our community, which truly adds a great twist on a traditional mommy and me play group. We take great pride in bringing moms together and helping them grow into the best moms they can be.

  • How do I register?

    Moms register directly through our website. Our classes fill up quickly so we recommend registering as early in your pregnancy as possible which is the best way to secure your space in a future class. If you find us after your baby is born, we will always do our best to get you into a group!

  • Who teaches the class?

    We have wonderful credentialed group facilitators made up of Certified Parent Educators, Pediatric Specialists and Psychologists, all of which are moms!

  • What is the format of each class?

    Each week, classes will include a specific topic, an open-forum discussion, Q&A time, as well as a few interactive songs with your baby. You will receive relevant research-based articles and resources related to each topic. In addition to your primary group facilitator, experts such as sleep specialists, pediatricians, therapists, postnatal healthcare professionals, infant massage specialists and others are brought in throughout each series.

  • How old should my baby be when I begin my class?

    For the Newborn Mommy and Me class, we recommend babies be approximately 3 – 5 weeks of age when beginning your class, however, we have had babies begin both younger and older. Your group availability and your personal schedule will determine when you will begin your group. For the Infant Mommy and Me class, we recommend babies be between 3 and 7 months old.

  • Do you believe in one type of parenting?

    Absolutely not! Our philosophy is that every baby, mother and family is unique and there is no “one size fits all” when caring for a new baby. What works for one family doesn’t always work for another and what works in one phase doesn’t always work in the next. In our opinion, there is no one way to be a perfect parent but a million ways to be a great one. We do believe that parenting should be approached with empathy for our babies and we cover many different ways to incorporate empathy in our daily lives and routines.

  • What if I am returning to work during the 10-week series, am I still able to join for part of the series?

    We have many working moms in our classes and we always recommend joining a group while you are on maternity leave as opposed to not joining at all. If you are planning to return to work, we recommend registering for a group when your baby is on the younger side so you can take advantage of as many weeks as possible. Joining a class when your baby is 2-3 weeks old is not a problem for us. We can prorate your class series if you are returning to work after a certain number of classes, just let us know so we can process that for you. Moms often arrange with their employers to attend the remaining classes in their series. We can always help you get creative!

  • Do the classes continue after the first 10-week series?

    Yes they do! We couldn’t just leave you hanging! Our Infant Mommy and Me class is designed to follow the Newborn Mommy and Me class with all new topics developmentally appropriate for babies ages 3-6 months old. Following the Infant class, we have our Sensory Class for babies 7-12 months old.

  • Where are the classes held?

    Our Newborn Mommy and Me and Infant Mommy and Me (3-6 months) classes are located at our studio at Fashion Island at 200 Newport Center Drive, Suite 306, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (above Spa Gregories). Our Sensory Classes are located at Pure Pediatric Therapy, 24422 Avenida De La Carlota, Suite 100, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

  • What if my baby hasn’t received immunizations when the class is scheduled to begin?

    Many moms begin with their babies prior to their first immunizations while others have decided on an alternative vaccination schedule with the support of their pediatricians. Our setting is very conducive to new babies and an excellent way to get out of the house very early on without being concerned. Our studio is only used for our mommy and me classes and kept extremely clean with very limited exposure to anything. Babies are mostly held by mom, sleeping in their car seats or lying on your own blanket in front of you so there is no contact with one another.
    Below is a note from one of our wonderful resident pediatricians, Dr. Kristin Pelinka at Coastal Kids Pediatrics in Newport Beach regarding the issue:
    “I suppose that some of the doctors that are recommending avoiding public places until the child has been vaccinated are basing those recommendations purely on what is medically best for a child, but there are many other factors to consider.
    In the first two months of life, the babies are much more protected from exposure than after they are crawling and exploring. Their moms can control their proximity to the other children and the exchange of respiratory droplets, mucous and saliva is minimal.
    Of course, there is a small risk of exposure to illness whenever you leave the home, but it is not realistic to recommend that mothers do not leave the house for the first two months of their child’s life. I think the risk of exposure is minimal, especially with a “no sick” policy and I think the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.”

  • Is my registration fee refundable if I’m not able to join the class?

    If you are able to give us at least 5-days prior notice it would be extremely helpful so we can offer the space to another mom, however, we’re moms too and we get that things sometimes happen at the last minute. We will do our best to work with you. We are here to make your lives easier!

  • I am pregnant, when is the best time to register?

    ASAP! We offer a pre-registration option for our expecting moms and we highly recommend registering as early as possible. We like to think of it as your insurance policy, your lifeline, your future joy and one less thing you have to worry about once baby arrives. You also avoid the risk of classes being full once baby is born. Once the class is scheduled for the month of your due date, we will notify you with your class options. This allows us to place you with other moms and babies who are born closest in age to yours. Most of our classes have babies that are within 2-4 weeks of each other. Pre-registering is completely risk free. If something changes and you aren’t able to attend class, we will refund your registration in full. We ask that you give us a few days notice so we can offer the spot to another mom but we are also moms and understand that sometimes things come up at the last minute. We are understanding and flexible and do what we can to make your life easier as a new mom!

  • Do you offer makeup classes?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer makeup classes. Each series creates a special bond and we want to maintain that special relationship amongst the group members. Although you might miss a class, the information provided in each class will be available and our visiting experts and instructors are always available to answer any questions related to that week’s class topic.

  • What is your sick policy?

    For the safety of other moms and babies, we ask that you stay home if your baby has had a fever less than 24 hours prior to your class meeting, if they are vomiting or have diarrhea and if they have green mucus in their nose.