Time to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as a new mom and feel like yourself again!

Let’s face it…having a baby is amazing and it is the hardest job in the world. As much as we wish it did, our new bundle of joy doesn’t come with a manual. Half the time we have no idea what we are doing and 90% of the time we feel like a failure. That is why we put together this life-saving online training to help take the edge off of becoming a new mom and provide you some much-needed answers along the way. Join us (and other moms just like you) and watch your new-mom life be transformed.

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to worry less, sleep more, and experience more joy during this magical, yet very challenging transition in your life?

The New Mom School is here to help support you as a new mom in
this 4-week online training that includes videos to answer these questions:

  • Why Isn’t My Baby Sleeping?
  • What’s Going on with My Body?
  • What Happened to My Marriage?
  • What’s Going on with My Brain?

Plus…for a limited time,
we will include these bonuses, so act today!

  • Bonus #1: Video Q&A with Pediatrician
  • Bonus #2: Video Q&A with OBGYN
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Tips for colic and reflux
  • 30 days of Affirmations and Inspiration delivered to your inbox
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    Learn from a team of doctors, therapists, and professionals. This course gives you expert education you can trust.
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    We believe in the quality of information and provide real answers to your questions that are backed by clinical research.
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    We provide you with the support and guidance you need to stop feeling like a failure and start feeling more confident.

Hi, I'm Alex!

As a new mom, we're expected to be so overjoyed and think life is suddenly filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Yes, being a mom is beautiful, but let’s get real…it’s freakin’ hard and I struggled big time as a first-time mom! Feeding, diapers, crying, sleep deprivation, stretch marks and feeling like you have no idea who you have become. Hey, I’ve been there. Twice, actually.

That is why I have brought the best experts in their fields together with real moms just like you to share information that every mom needs to know and answers to the questions every new mom has. I hope you join me in The New Mom School Online with our course: Baby Manual Not Included...Send Help! Time to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as a new mom and feel like yourself again! Together we can support one another on this journey of motherhood.


that no one told you

Join us for this four-week course Baby Manual Not Included – Send Help! Time to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as a new mom and feel like yourself again!

Yes! Send Help!

  • Session 1


    Sleep deprivation is a real thing and all joking aside, turns your world upside down. You wonder what the return policy is so you can reclaim the life you once had. You want to feel attached to your little peanut but instead, feel exhausted and foggy like you can’t tell which way is up or down. Hey, we get it and you are not alone! In this session, I’m joined by a professional Sleep Expert and a sleep-deprived mom of a newborn.

    In this training, you will learn:

    • Why sleep is important to keep you healthy, happy and feeling great as a new mom. It’s not all about your bundle of joy. It is also about you and the whole family unit.
    • How sleep deprivation is the number one trigger for postpartum mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and even more severe complications. Many new moms experience Postpartum Insomnia which only adds to the stress and overwhelm of being a new parent.
    • How to achieve at least one 5-hour stretch of sleep per week and stop feeling like a truck ran over you.
    • Real tools and tips from an expert on ways to develop good sleeping habits and set your baby up for success because they are not all created equal…no matter what an older family member tells you.
    • How your baby’s temperament plays an important role in sleep and when it is okay and not okay to let your baby cry in order to build a good sleeping routine for the whole family.
    • About apps you can use to help track and guide you and your baby’s sleeping.
    • How important it is to understand what is normal and what is out of your control when it comes to a newborn. Setting proper expectations and redefining success as a new mom can make all the difference.
  • Session 2


    Surprised by postpartum bleeding and peeing your pants? OMG, I was too! Has postpartum sex been painful so you’re avoiding it like the plague? Do you also have pain in your neck, back or wrists? Or all of the above? You may have heard that these symptoms are normal, but … NEWS FLASH…they are common but NOT normal and can be fixed. Our Women’s Health Physical Therapist joins me to dispel the myths and educate on all things pelvic floor and post-baby body. There’s so much about this that you could have never predicted. There’s also stuff you might just be too embarrassed to ask anyone about, so join us here and have your mind blown with answers to your questions.

  • Session 3


    Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride since giving birth? Do you feel lonely and isolated? Are you fighting with your spouse about every little thing? Is there ongoing tension in your relationship? Wishing he’d help more and withdrawal less? Is your resentment building and you don’t know how to stop it? And sex…really? Let me just say, that these feelings are more common than you might think. With the help of our resident Psychologist, who specializes in relationships, we’ll explore the research behind relationships when a baby is introduced, along with simple steps you can take each day to get your relationship, not only back on track but, thriving. This training will make a lasting impression and save you thousands on couples therapy.

    In this training, you will learn:

    • The importance of understanding your whys….Why you married your spouse? Why you loved them before parenthood?
    • The importance of strengthening your friendship again after baby comes.
    • What a cognitive love map is and how to use it to get your marriage back on track.
    • How to plant the seeds for connection and intimacy that will build a culture of appreciation in your home.
    • Expert tips and tools for conflict resolution and direct communication that will diminish resentment and rekindle your marriage.
    • How to find the right time to reconnect when it feels like there isn’t time for anything other than your baby’s every need.
    • Why praise is your new best friend.
    • And…
      The real truth about sex, foreplay and intimacy after giving birth. NO more guilt or shame!
  • Session 4


    The stigma around postpartum mood disorders is nothing short of massive boulders rolling down a mountain waiting to hit you on the head. This can be a heavy topic and that’s why it’s so necessary! If you’re wondering if you just have the “baby blues” or something more serious, this segment will help you identify postpartum concerns. I’m joined by our Pre and Postnatal Psychiatrist to discuss the signs, symptoms, and things you can do TODAY to start feeling better and experiencing more JOY.

    In this training you will learn:

    • The most common complication after pregnancy….you seriously won’t guess this one.
    • Why your emotions take hold of you before and after birth making you feel fragile and all mushy. I know, totally sucks but completely normal.
    • Get the real truth about postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and postpartum psychosis. Please know that you did nothing wrong….our hormones are cray-cray, seriously!
    • About the different postpartum mood disorders including the warning signs, common and uncommon symptoms, differences between all three and the resources available.
    • How medication can affect you and your baby, during and after pregnancy. This one is a must-hear topic for every expecting or new mom.
    • What is the number one thing you should NOT do after your baby arrives?
    • About the Internet….Friend or Foe?
    • Why our expectations get in the way of our happiness and how to reset our own standards to set us up for success as a new mom.


For a Limited Time, Get these Bonus Materials Included

Bonus #1:

Video Q&A with Pediatrician

More questions than you can get to during pediatric visits often leads to frequent calls to the doctor or worry and anxiety between appointments. Hear from Pediatrician, Dr. Steven Abelowitz, as he answers the most common questions about when to call the pediatrician, fevers, gas, reflux and more!

Bonus #2

Video Q&A with OBGYN

With so many unexpected things happening to our bodies after the birth, I’ve often found myself saying “I wish my OB had told me about that.” Well, OB/GYN, Dr. Jeffrey Illeck, did keep me in the know during my second pregnancy and now he joins me with topics that aren’t always covered with patients. Postpartum hormones, nutrition, supplements, and more!


  • Downloadable PDFs to accompany each video training
  • Tips for colic and reflux
  • 30 days of affirmations and inspiration delivered to your inbox
  • Private Exclusive Member-Only Facebook Group
  • Becoming a new mom was a very hard transition for me. I had really bad anxiety, felt depressed and alone, thinking I was the only one feeling this way. The New Mom School was exactly what I needed, Alex is so positive and warm, very validating and I learned countless tools that helped make this transition easier.

    Marcie R.

  • As a first-time mom, I was really struggling in the early days and wasn’t really prepared for the emotional and physical part of being a mom. I learned so much from Alex and her experts and found my own parenting styles by drawing from each of them. I truly feel these trainings saved me in those early days. My life was definitely changed from my experience with The New Mom School!

    Cheryl F.

  • After having my first baby, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and feelings I never knew existed. Alex’s knowledge and warmth is unbelievable and moving. She was a breath of fresh air. I felt I was not alone and being a new mom is tough, wonderful, and scary all at the same time.

    Molly H.

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