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Sensory Mommy & Me Classes

13-18 Months

Move aside, mom, now it’s all about baby! Bring on the play in a complete sensory experience for your child! Unlike our discussion-based Newborn and Infant mommy and me classes, our sensory classes are an activity-based curriculum for babies beginning at 7 months old and it gets messy! Classes are focused on structured play to help stimulate your child’s sensory processing skills for a solid developmental foundation. Each week, children will have the opportunity to explore freely and experience a wide variety of activities to enhance their fine motor, gross motor and communication skills in a fun setting while you get to ask all of your questions and get answers directly from professionals.

Each class series will be for a specific age range starting with 7-12 month olds, then 13-18 months. You and your child can repeat any class series until they graduate to the next age bracket, or you can pre-register for a future age bracket so you are secure in the class when the time comes!

Class Series Topics 13-18 Months:

  • Trying new foods, table manners, eating without technology
  • Why play is important and healthy developmental toys at this age
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Fine and Gross Motor Milestones
  • Positive Discipline
  • Art & Music
  • Toddler Sleep – Regressions and How it Changes
  • Storytime and Importance of Reading

The Details

  • Class series for moms and children in various age ranges
  • Small class size (max 10 moms in each class)
  • 8-week class series
  • $325 for 8-week session (*includes all supplies)
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