So here’s the behind the scenes for you, Mama. Breastfeeding can be as messy as it is gloriously satisfying and nourishing and fulfilling and challenging! 

In those early days and weeks, while supply is still settling down, both you and your little one are getting used to each other and rhythms are beginning to form. It’s a beautiful, hot mess of leaking breasts, tears and joy. And it does not come easy to all moms. (In the US, 20% of moms stop breastfeeding by the first four weeks.)

If you’re about to embark on your breastfeeding journey, we’ve rounded up 5 breastfeeding essentials we think you’ll find helpful. 

Breastfeeding ‘station’ and nursing chair

Set yourself up with a regular, comfy, quiet spot to sit and feed (think rocking chairs, glider, foot rest) in a nursing chair. Investing in this piece is important as you will be spending hours, (and hours and hours) here in the fourth trimester. Make sure you also have a stocked station nearby with burp cloths, water, snacks etc. It takes a lot of energy to make that milk!

Nursing bra or tank top 

Maternity wear has come a long way and you can now find stylish, comfortable underwear to support lactating mothers. The perfect maternity tank top boasts a super-soft finish, extra length to sit over the tummy and a discreet pull-down, built-in bra for easy feeding. You will be especially grateful for the modesty when you have all your visitors coming by and you can stay and be social while feeding because you feel so comfortable.

Nursing Pillow

A purpose-made reinforced pillow that tucks in under mom’s waist and gives those arms a rest while feeding. Bonus that it can also help reduce back pain when you get into the right position. 

Breast Pump

This might just be the best breastfeeding accessory on the market that no one ever tells you you need. It’s the Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding Manual pump (found on Amazon link). Use it to stimulate the let down or pop it on your other breast while feeding to catch the liquid gold that inevitably leaks. Every drop counts! IYKYK! 

Breast care

We’ve grouped a few essentials here. 

Nipple Guards

Just as they sound. Shields of latex that you place over a tender nipple that allows you to keep breastfeeding through some discomfort. 

Breast Therapy Packs

Breast ice packs that provide therapeutic relief for common breastfeeding challenges. Cold therapy helps relieve pain associated with engorgement and swelling, while hot therapy encourages milk let-down and helps relieve plugged ducts & mastitis. 

You’ve got to be kind to your breasts, they get a workout during the fourth trimester until things settle down and you get into your rhythm.

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