So many expecting moms think, “I took the classes at the hospital and I don’t need to pay for new friends, I already have friends that have babies.”

We completely understand where you’re coming from. You’ve done all of the prep work and you have lots of friends who are mamas – why should you pay to meet other moms? Isn’t that what your friends are for?

But here’s the thing.

There is a huuuuuge difference between having friends who have 6-month olds, 1-year olds, and 3-year olds, and having a group with moms who have babies the exact same age as yours. Once your friends have passed the newborn phase, they’re having a completely different experience than you are. Sure, they might remember it was hard, but they won’t be able to relate to you in the way that people going through the exact same thing will.

They won’t be up during those 3am feeds to respond to your texts and they won’t be able to talk to you about exactly what you’re going through…because they’ve already passed it.

We know that you may not believe it now and we know that you may think you don’t need The New Mom School. But remember two things:

  1. We built this entire program (running 9 years now!) with thousands of moms who didn’t think they needed it. They have friends and family, too, they’ve taken the hospital classes, too. You don’t know you need it until you’re there, and once you’re there, you’ll be so glad you joined. We promise.
  2. Preregistering for our classes is completely risk-free! By preregistering now, you secure your spot in the right group (with other moms who have had their babies within 2-4 weeks of you). If you decide you actually don’t need the class later on, you can always cancel.


The New Mom School is the safe space that you can go to get support and education about how to be a better mom. In fact, our moms say it’s the highlight of their week!

Becoming a mom is HARD but having a group of new moms in the same exact phase as you to talk to weekly is priceless.” ~ Kati K, Long Beach, New Mom School Alum

When you preregister for one of our classes, you aren’t just taking time for yourself. You’re investing time in yourself, your baby, and your family. By equipping yourself with the resources that you need and by getting the support that you deserve, you are becoming a better, happier, and healthier mom, and helping your baby become happier and THRIVE.

You will come out of our classes a better version of yourself! You will find happiness in the struggle. 

You’ll learn so many things in classes, here are just 10 of them!

💤 How to achieve at least one 5 hour stretch of sleep per week and stop feeling like a truck ran over you.

🛏 Real tools and tips from a sleep expert on ways to develop good sleeping habits and set your baby up for success, because they are not all created equal.

👶 How your baby’s temperament plays an important role in sleep. 

😢 When it is okay and not okay to let your baby cry in order to build a good sleeping routine for the whole family.

🤔 What is normal for your body before and after birth.

❤️‍🩹 How normal it is for sex to not be on the top of your priority list after baby and how you can re-engage again, without pain.

🌱 How to plant the seeds for connection and intimacy that will build a culture of appreciation in your home.

💬 Expert tips and tools for conflict resolution and direct communication that will diminish resentment and rekindle your marriage.

🥺 Why your emotions take hold of you before and after birth making you feel fragile and weepy. Totally sucks but completely normal.

🤱 The real truth about postpartum insomnia, depression, and that constant worry and anxiety.

So, pre-register today, and get the support that you need, and you deserve to be the happiest and healthiest mom possible — and have the healthiest and happiest baby!