everything you need as a new mom

everything you need as a new mom

Postnatal education beginning with your newborn through 18 months. Our classes provide the education, community and support you need right from the start. Our classes are organized by your baby’s birth month – meet other moms in the exact same phase of motherhood.

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what we do

Our postnatal education classes are full of laughter, tears, education, support and so much more! Our team of highly sought-after professionals in our community visit throughout the class series, which truly adds something special to your experience. We take great pride in bringing moms together and helping them grow into the best moms they can be. In our newborn classes, we foster a bond unlike any other you’ll have as a mom. Join today and start your exciting (yet sleep deprived!) journey as a new mom the right way…with The New Mom School!

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  • Support

    Build confidence through the support of your new village so you aren’t just surviving, you are thriving
  • Education

    Learn from the very best in our community and equip yourself with everything you need to know as a new mom
  • Friendship

    Meet other new moms experiencing the exact same phase of motherhood
  • The transition into being a new mom is joyous but can be tremendously overwhelming and isolating. A new mom’s health and emotional state impacts her newborn’s health and having the right support following a child’s birth is essential for any new mom.

    Dr. Steven Abelowitz

    Founder of Coastal Kids Pediatrics
  • The postnatal period is delicate and many new mothers aren’t able to obtain the support they need following the birth of their baby. The repercussions of this lack of support can have a negative effect on mom and baby. The New Mom School provides this much-needed service that medical professionals aren’t able to. I recommend this community to all new mothers.

    Dr. Jeffrey Illeck

  • The New Mom School provides an unparalleled environment of friendship, encouragement and education, so new moms can bond with one another as well as their new babies.  I absolutely recommend The New Mom School to any new mom – you need a community to not only share in the joys of motherhood but also support you through the inevitable challenges! 

    Dr. Sandra Pertz

    Pediatrician at Coastal Kids Pediatrics
  • Saving grace. Those are the two words that would best describe what The New Mom School classes were for me – they were my saving grace.

    Tania W.

  • I loved this class! I didn't know what to expect when I signed up but it has exceeded my expectations. I have met amazing friends, gained a lasting support group and have learned so much about raising my son.

    Liz N.

  • I was blown away by the amount of information and knowledge I was able to gain in my classes. And on top of that, I was able to meet an amazing group of mommies...which led to lunches together, play dates, birthdays, and even vacation! This class truly changed my life.

    Karly B.

new mom

an often disheveled woman who has recently given birth and is filled with more love than she ever thought possible. She has an endless amount of questions and craves the support of other new moms.

Watch Alex's story here!

Our classes

“Our classes are a judgment-free zone where the mommy wars are left at the door and moms support and empower one another regardless of their parenting style. Whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, breastfeed or formula feed, co-sleep or work full time, your class will become your lifeline.”

Founder, Certified Parent Educator
and Newborn/Infant Specialist
  • Expecting moms

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time to register for your New Mom School class to join once your baby arrives. Registering while you are expecting secures your space in a class right when your baby arrives and allows us to place you with other moms whose babies are closest in age to yours. And registering while you are pregnant allows you to take advantage of our early-bird registration fee!

  • Newborn Mommy and Me

    After your baby is born, your life changes overnight. You are sleep deprived, overwhelmed, emotional, excited, worried if what your baby is doing is normal and feel a vast array of other emotions. Nothing can really prepare you for having a newborn, but having support from other moms going through exactly what you are can make a world of difference. Our Newborn Mommy and Me class is organized by your baby's birth month and will become your lifeline as you tackle the exciting, yet overwhelming, journey of being a new mom.

  • Infant Mommy and Me
    (3-6 Months)

    You’ve survived the newborn phase, now what?! Your baby is growing so quickly and there are so many questions and lots of unchartered territory in the infant phase! Our Infant Mommy and Me class is for babies 3-6 months old and includes all of the information you need for this very fun stage in your baby’s life. This class series covers an array of topics developmentally appropriate for your growing infant.

  • Sensory Mommy and Me
    (7-18 Months)

    Our sensory classes blend an activity-based curriculum for babies beginning at 7 months old with an educational curriculum for mom. Beware, it gets messy but so much fun! Classes are focused on structured play to help stimulate your child's sensory processing skills for a solid developmental foundation.

  • Second Time Moms

    The birth of your second child isn’t quite like the birth of your first. You have so much more confidence in the newborn phase yet it doesn’t come without its challenges. Our Second Time Moms class covers an array of topics to help support you, your older child and your new baby through the transition. Come learn, laugh and connect with other moms who are sharing the same experience. This class is just for mom and new baby.

  • Breastfeeding Support

    There are many unexpected challenges that can arise in the first weeks of breastfeeding and without the proper education and support, moms often give up earlier than they had originally planned. Our complimentary weekly Breastfeeding Support Group is led by Dawnita Wicks, RN, IBCLC. Join other breastfeeding moms every Monday at 1:45pm, to have all of your questions answered and challenges addressed. Must register in advance (on our Register page).

  • Postpartum Adjustment Support

    Often times new moms are told having the "baby blues" is normal and it will pass but if you feel you are having a hard time coping with the adjustment of having a new baby and feel you need extra support, please join us for our weekly, complimentary Postpartum Adjustment Support Group. Join other new moms to have all of your questions answered and challenges addressed. Our group meets weekly on Tuesday at 2pm led by Shira Kfir, LCSW. Must register in advance (on our Register page).

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